Should you choose Cisco routers for your business?

  A router is one of the most critical tools that form up a network. Thus, its quality cannot be compromised since it can hinder or promote your business growth and productivity in real-time. For example, if your router cannot support high internet speeds, it will directly slow down your workplace. If your router doesn't have enough ports, it can directly affect your network system and communication. Suppose your routers are difficult to connect and manage. In that case, it will be more time-consuming and a waste of critical human resources. Thus, investing in high-grade business-class routers for any business becomes an excellent idea. Cisco is a world-class networking solutions provider. It has over two decades of experience in network switching and routing. Let's take a look at what separates them from other networking companies. Leading Market Vendor Cisco holds more than half of the market shares in switching and routing solutions. It spends billions in res

Cisco’s innovation: The Catalyst 3850 series

  Cisco catalyst 3850 is an excellent piece of engineering displaying the prospects of Cisco. It stands firm on Cisco’s belief of innovating while keeping the mechanism secure, less expensive, and straightforward. Innovating your business requires you first to elevate your network to the next level. A strong network will provide your business the boost it requires to succeed. Cisco has created the Digital Network Architecture Cisco DNA to aid this new series in revolutionising your business. This reliable device provides a high-class stackable option for Ethernet and Multigigabit Ethernet access switching. Coupled with the Cisco DNA, it can provide real-time analytics, powerful automation, and top-class security. Let’s marvel at some of the new advances Cisco has made in the 3850 series. High compatibility and resiliency. Cisco provides a powerful stacking technology in its new 3850 series. It is built on the premium StackWise 480 technology, allowing greater bandwidth o


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